" F O R G I V E  M E  I  H A V E  F A L L E N "

LEGENDS NEVER DIE is a visual movement that focuses on bringing new and modern imagery through clothing, paintings, and videos.

"LEGENDS NEVER DIE" by chrisjacoub™ is an Art Exhibition created in 2018 inspired by the legends in music, movies, and sports. It took place in Downtown Los Angeles and displayed 50+ paintings in various mediums and painting techniques. "LEGENDS NEVER DIE 2020" will be a bigger improvement and will feature local artists from Los Angeles. Info coming soon.

F A L L E N   C L O T H I N G / L E G E N D S  N E V E R  D I E 

The Official Clothing Brand featuring 10 (1 item) collections.

The clothing will release each collection only once and will be limited to 10 quantities per item.


10 collections, 10 items each collection, 10 quantities each item


SEASON I will be available summer 2020

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